Tzvi Ben Aretz

Visual Arts

Tzvi Ben Aretz

Tzvi Ben-Aretz is an Israeli American artist.

Studied art at Renanim School in Tel Aviv. Following his military service, Ben-Aretz studied at the Art Institute in Bat Yam and the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Ben-Aretz won a scholarship from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation and a Ford Foundation grant. He earned his MFA at Pratt Institute in New York.

Ben-Aretz creates mixed media paintings, works on paper, installations and live body projects. He exhibited in numerous shows at museums, galleries and public exhibition spaces throughout the United States, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Mexico, Turkey, Poland and Russia. His live body installations were shown in the United States, Israel and Turkey.

Ben-Aretz received several newspaper reviews including the New York Times, Art Forum and Flash Art magazines.

Tzvi Ben-Aretz also performed in the Israeli Opera, movies and commercials.