About Uri Refael Busheri

Uri was born in 2004 in Jerusalem. At the age of 6 he started studying congas, when he was 9 he moved on to study drum set with Mr. Oren Fried. At the age of 11 he added Marimba studies with Mr. Lev Loftus. Since then he joined the Hassadna Conservatory young Wing Orchestra. A year later he joined the Hassadna Conservatory Youth Wind Orchestra with the conductor Sagit Mazuz. He is a student in the Music Academy high school in Jerusalem, where he is a member of the wind orchestra. Uri is one of only 5 students in Mr. Ram Reuven’s music theory and composition class for exceptional students. In 2017 Uri participated in Mr. Alon Bor’s percussion ensemble as part of the Mishkenot Shaananim programs for outstanding young musicians.

Uri has performed in the Eden Music center in a concert for ensembles. With his orchestras he has performed in festivals all over Israel.
In 2017 – Uri won 2nd Prize in the Or Tzair competition in the conservatory on Or Yehuda.
In 2018 Uri won the AICF grant for excellence in the music category – as a percussion player.

Uri Refael Busheri

Percussion, Classical

Jerusalem, Israel
Grant Recipient