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About Viki Piter

Viky Piter completed her studies in art history at Bar-Ilan University and holds a MA from 2005.

Piter is a lecturer on the history of art in enrichment courses in prestigious chairs and art galleries, including Bar-Ilan University, the Popular University, the Duet Gallery, Beit Daniel, Beit Ariela and more.In addition to her expertise as a Baroque historian, she specialized in classical art, Impressionism, and 20th century art.

Piter lectures on a wide variety of subjects in Israel, from the Baroque period to classical art, the variety of cultural, artistic and religious expressions in the Land of Israel throughout the ages, and more.

The areas that are particularly close to the core are groundbreaking in art and artistic expression; Visual and symbolic. The variety of cultures and beliefs and the religious-historical significance of the three monotheistic religions; Cross-period images and styles.

Viki Piter

Visual Arts
Drawing & Painting

Kiryat-Ono, Israel
Grant Recipient