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About Yaakov Herevon

To this day Yaakov Herevon’s injury during military service in GAZA influences the way he perceives and captures objects with my camera. His resulting impairment — Tubular Vision — has given birth to wealth of close-up photos of surrounding familiar to us all.

In Herevon’s exhibits he presents photos that capture and eternalize momentary glimpses of Nature. In each you can get to see a detail or a special photographic angle which drew my attention.

Like him, also the viewer experience through these pictures a new and different view of Nature and surrounding, one which is not self-evident. These close-up photos resemble a kind of penetration into the privacy of these objects, yielding divers interpretations, sometimes even far from the original – for example, a withered thorn resembling a figure looking out onto the horizon, a fig opened like a flesh wound or the flower close-up reminding of a tribal mask.

Printing the picture on Canvas has created the effect of real paintings. This is strengthened by the fact that the photos have not undergone any computer photo editing. Besides the sharp colors and the small details that are so prominent I also manage to preserve moments of human experience: Growth, Passion, Humor, Withering and Sorrow, moments which remind us of the greatness of closeness.

Through his exhibits Herevon wants to remind “How much a person loses as he races forward towards the horizon”. Furthermore, he can prove to you that in the closeness created between you and the objects, things are not revealed to the eye but to the heart.
He learned photography mainly by self-study from books and by trial and error in the field.

Herevon have exhibited in solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions.

Yaakov Herevon

Visual Arts

Herzliya, Israel

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