About Yaara Lokits

Yaara Lokits was born is Israel. Her curiosity and passion as a creator and an actress she discovered at age seven. Thru the following years she kept on acting in multiple private programs. Received her first degree in theatre from Tel-Aviv University on 2016. In addition to on-stage studies, she completed an acting for the camera course by Ruth Dytches on 2017. Yaara works as an actress in plays, movies, commercials, TV serieses, network serieses and performance arts.

Along with Yaara’s career as an actress, she writes both on-stage and filmed content. Her play “Yael and Sisra”, modern social adaptation to the biblical story, was presented in 2015′ ‘smallbama’ festival. These days, her play “Bingo!” a comic performance about the elderly, is in the works.

Winner of “David Davidov” scholarship for acting 2014.

Yaara Lokits

Acting, Directing, Narrative

Tel Aviv, Israel
Grant Recipient

Artist Gallery