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About Yael Magnes

Yael Magnes was born in Jerusalem Israel in 1975. She has pursued work as an artisan in carpentry and metalsmithing prior to obtaining her degree in Jewelry Design at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design (Ramat Gan, Israel) in 2003. Following her graduation, she opened an independent jewelry design studio in Tel Aviv.

In 2005, she moved to New York City and started a successful handbag brand, Magnes Sisters, alongside her two sisters. In 2011, Yael moved to Washington D.C and returned to her path in the jewelry world. While in DC, she developed her collections and worked at Jeweler’s Werk Gallery.

Seeing herself as a hybrid of an artist and a designer, Yael finds herself working on objects that serve as both functional jewelry pieces and conceptual art pieces. She consistently questions what a jewel is, and searches for the place where the borders of function, form and aesthetic collide.She now lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Her work has been displayed in stores and galleries and has been added to the personal collection of notable jewelry collectors. She is currently working on a group exhibit “Carving time” where she will present her current collection, Intentional Serendipity 2018.

Participant in the “Artic 6” America–Israel Cultural Foundation Exhibition 2004 and recipient of the America–Israel Cultural Foundations Award 2003/4. Recipient of the H. Stern Award for Jewelry Design 2002. Recipient of the Shenkar Award for Excellence 2000

Yael Magnes

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Brooklyn, New York, United States
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