About Yael Yekel

Yael first dove into the world of entertainment in 2008, starting her professional education at the Beit-Zvi School of Performing Arts, which was a three year journey to understand acting was exactly what she wanted to do with her life.

Since then, she had worked with many different people and production companies on a wide range of projects: musical theatre, plays, studio recordings, dubbing, voice overs, TV, radio and digital commercials, TV series, and feature films.
Yael is a native Hebrew speaker, and also fluent in English and Yiddish.

One of her more renowned performances was as "Tehila - The kosher Diva", a made-up religious diva who sings in Yiddish. Mostly known for Netta's 'Toy' cover - 'Goy'.

As a professional actress, soprano singer, narrator, dancer, guitar player, and a comedian, she can honestly say: "Anything Goes".

Yael Yekel

Dance, Film, Music, Theater

Herut, Israel

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