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About Yara Mahajena

Yara Kassem Mahajena (b. 1993) is a Palestinian Arab Visual Artist who was born and raised in Muawiya Village in Israel, in 2012 she moved to Study and work in Haifa. She holds a Bachelor Degree (with honors) in Visual Arts from Haifa University. Mahajena is a Multidisciplinary Artist whose practice includes Performance, Video, photography, moving-image, Painting and sketching.
She worked as a tour guide at Umm Al Fahm Gallery, and teached art at Al Haleesa Eliminty School-Haifa, Albashaer kindergarten-Umm Al Fahm and Umm Al fahm Art gallery.


“Kathiban Mahila” Video and Text project,”After the Deluge” exhibition, Beit Hagefen, Haifa, 2017.
Performance and “Say Yes to Circumcision” Animation, “Tearing marks” exhibition, Meshuna Gallery- Tel Aviv, 2016.


AICF grant, 2017.
Certificate of Excellence at the Haifa’s university 2017.
Visual Art Competition of Hecht Museum, 2015.

Yara Mahajena

Visual Arts
Digital Art / Multimedia, Drawing & Painting, Multimedia, Performance Art, Photography, Video Art

Haifa, Israel

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