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About Yarden Tasa

Yarden tasa (born in 1994) is an Israeli artist, engaged in multidisciplinary art.

In many of her works, you can see a combination of mediums that includes sculpture, painting, photography, video, installation and sewing.

Her first works dealt with areas in which she found defiant and cause her to act. Protest work, combining her views on the same issues, such as gender, ethnicity, and inequality. In many works Tasa chooses materials to create the work with only after deciding on the subject, out of the desire that the material will reinforce the message of the work.

Her latest works deal with the study of the identity of the artist, born in a Moshav, who looks at her Yemeni origins. In her works in recent years, she examines historical points in Yemeni culture and her family and creates critical and sensitive connections. Thus, she perpetuates her positions and builds her personal story with her emerging past in the modern present in Israel. In these works, she combines elements familiar with Yemeni culture and growing up in a Moshav. It is evident in her works to find colors that identify with the Yemen, fabrics, silver, earth with which she creates a dictionary of concepts out of influence and identification with them.

Yarden tasa is an active artist at the beginning of her career. She worked on a co-project with the Michal Sala organization that works to save and prevent violence against women. Tasa won a funding scholarship for the final project at the end of her degree and exhibited at art institutions in Israel. Among them: Amiad Gallery in Tel Aviv-Yafo and the Gallery Place for Art in Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Yarden Tasa

Visual Arts
Sculpture, Video Art, Installation, Drawing & Painting, Photography, Multimedia

Beqoa, Israel