Yaron Charnes

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    Tzfat / Tel Aviv, Israel

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    Yaron Charnes is from Chicago. He studied at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and created Tikkun Olam rap music.

    He is currently working on a Tikkun Olam rap (rhythm and poetry) project that aims to combine ideals from Judaism and the rest of the world in a way that is inspiring and engaging to youth and adults alike. Doing so, he believes is the greatest thing that we can be doing with our lives in this particular place in time, and ultimately the realization of the biblical prophecy of being a ‘light unto the nations’.

    Yaron’s album titled, “Sound Values Vol. 1: the Light of Zion,” and ultimately plan to make a follow up album to that, as well as an album on the Holocaust, taking people on an adventure through it, and making it real and relevant to this generation. He has so many ideas as well and ultimately would love to engage and inspire other artists, get them thinking, and hopefully try to create collaborations that create the highest good that they can do with music as well.

    Yaron worked on a Hanukkah song with a producer that produced the song Hey Mama by Nikki Minaj, as well as a writer from Taylor Swift and J Cole who is a Chozer Beteshuva. Only going onwards and upwards from there.