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Yaron Steinberg is a contemporary artist and illustrator working in a wide range of mediums and techniques. His distinctive personal style emanates thoughts about nomadic life, architecture, and our relationship with the world around us.

Born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel, Steinberg graduated from the Department of Visual Communication, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem (2011) and participated in student exchange at VSUP University Prague, Czech Republic. His works were exhibited in the Israel Museum, the Herzliya Museum, the Bondeskunsthalle Museum, Bonn Germany, and more.

The notion of ”home” has always been a main subject in Steinberg’s work, and has been a significant influence in his art. He believes that In order to understand the world around him,  it is essential to have a sound definition of what is ”home”.

For Steinberg, these journeys amounted to more than sightseeing and conventional “adventures.” In the course of his travels, he underwent a range of psychological experiences that were both difficult and profound, resulting in a greater degree of self-awareness and self-understanding. As an artist, he aims to combine the notions of personal identity and the unique identities of the cities and people he encounters in his journeys.

Imaginary glass cities built from writing instruments collected from around the world, an architectural model that simulates a brain in which dozens of crowded cardboard houses with a toy train passes between them, and a return to the familiar territory of the Israeli housing estates which are one address to the changing worlds - the only permanent point on the map of Steinberg's travels - home, in Jerusalem.

Is there a memory, a thought or a dream hidden in each of his works? The artist creates an inner world with the help of architectural models of an alternative reality where memories and imaginations from his travels live side by side.

Throughout his artwork and research, Steinberg seeks to create a platform to describe an inner world and how it works in relation to the world around him. an exploration through time and space in which he searched for that moment found on the road between the starting point and the final destination, the random point hidden on the map.

Yaron Steinberg

Visual Arts
Sculpture, Installation, Illustration, Drawing & Painting, Architecture

Neve Ilan, Israel

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