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About Yochi Shrem

In the first 20 years of her adult life, Yochi worked in the computer field. She studied economics, business administration, and mathematics, but she always took an interest in art and created various pieces. Her flair for art began in high school when her art history teacher inspired her love for the subject. Since then, She has been reading, seeing, experiencing and learning all about art in exhibitions around the world.

With time, her artistic knowledge grew and, with it, her need to experience creating. Since she enjoyed handicrafts (as it was called then) her entire life, she felt that she has the ability to combine the two.

She began designing and creating jewelry, some of which were mini statues. But that was not enough and she realized that she could go on, with the next phase being sculpturer. She enrolled in the Basis School of Art, which provided her the opportunity to realize my dream. She studied all of the basics there – starting with the sketch, through constructive drawing and ending with sculpting, and she experienced working with clay, wax, and ceramics, using various techniques. She was affiliated with the school for about 10 years, always learning more and more.

Yochi expressed a strong interest in various materials and unusual combinations, like ceramics and bronze, ceramics and Perspex, paper mâché, cardboard, metal wires and more. she felt the need to combine traditional and innovative techniques and, in so doing, creating a sort of bridge between the past and the present.

Yochi’s first exhibition consisted of her final work “A Tribute to Ancient Cultures” submitted a group endeavor displayed at the Herzliya IDC. She also displayed a statue related to her creative process; from the time during which she was closed in the box of “Life’s Restrictions” to her breaking out of it and realizing the dream. The exhibition was very successful; She received good feedback and even sold most of the pieces. It was at that point that she realized that I could move on and work on a solo exhibition.

She worked on “trace contour” for two years, an exhibition addressing movement through dancers. The exhibition was displayed at the Alharizi Artists’ Home in Tel Aviv and then relocated to the lobby of the Museum Tower, where she held an event with two dancers along the sculptures (a clip is available on the website). Later, the exhibition traveled to the Jerusalem Theater as part of the Israel Festival. Here too, some of the sculptures were sold and sent to good homes, definitely encouraging her to continue creating and providing her with a strong sense of fulfillment and enjoyment.

Yochi Shrem

Visual Arts
Jewelry Design, Mixed Media, Sculpture

Grant Recipient

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