About Yoni Kretzmer

Born and raised in Jerusalem Kretzmer relocated to Brooklyn (via Tel Aviv) in 2010. Yoni leads many groups including trios, quartets, quintets and a chamber sextet alongside writing for larger groups. Kretzmer has also ran a bunch of north-Brooklyn music series curating over 100 shows.

Yoni attended the American School of Modern Music in Paris, France. He has releases 14 albums under his own name and co-released a bunch more.

"In the past few years Israeli jazz has advanced in leaps and bounds, but nothing prepared the ear for this fantastic album. Yoni Kretzmer is a young musician, and passion and daring virtually burst out of his saxophone. Although, together with that, Kretzmer has maturity, depth and the experience of a veteran jazz musician. He is an outstanding composer, a wonderful melodist, an amazingly accurate player and together with the fine group that he assembled for the album he has created an inspired meeting between written and improvised music and jazz and contemporary music." Ben Shalev - Ha`aretz, September 2009

“In my humble opinion, Kretzmer is one of the finest contemporary saxophonists of the genre. He knows how to create wonderful melodies and licks that are surrounded by, what seems to be, a controlled chaos. Which allows breathing room for each player to have their moment under the sun.” - Matthew Ditullo – This Shape of Jazz to Come, August 2012.

Yoni Kretzmer

Saxophone, Composition

Brooklyn, New York, New York, United States