Yuriy Shoofutinsky

    Yuriy learned to draw in the art studio. He read a lot about art and methodical literature. To carve from wood he studied by himself. Many went to museums, antique and art salons. In 2008, he passed the attestation commission in Tel Aviv with a rating of “good.”

    I have a lot of unrealized ideas, and I want to hope that I will be able to implement something from them. In addition to the works shown, I also carve miniature sculptures, like netsuke, and openwork jewelry for women from hard wood. I can make and applied woodcarving products. I really like calligraphy, and I have already done my trial work, both font and monogram.
    I am open to communication, and I respect people, even if their persuasions are different from mine. Communication helps to get more inspiration.

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