About Zaki Vadovitch

Zaki Vadovitch was born in Eilat, and has playing saxophone for about 11 years. He received a perfect score on the nationwide, 5 point Bagrut exam. Every year he performs as a soloist in concerts and recitals, at the main stages: Eilat music center, Eilat theatres, The Jerusalem academy of Music and Dance. In 2012, Zaki performed in Germany and Netherlands as part of a concert tour with the Eilat Orchestra. During the studies at the Music Center Eilat, Zaki participated in a Saxophone Quartet, with whom he went to a competition in Jerusalem and earned the second price. Zaki has taken part in numerous chamber ensembles and the Symphonic Orchestra of Jerusalem. In 2013 Zaki was accepted into the National Youth Wind Orchestra of Israel. In 2015 Zaki earned the AICF’s Outstanding Award. Zaki served 3 years in the IDF as a Distinguished Musician, and is about to finish studying for bacherlor’s degree at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance with professor Gersh Geller.

Zaki Vadovitch

Saxophone, Jazz

Eilat, Israel