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About Ziv Ben Gal

Ziv was born and raised in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, the cultural capital of Israel. From a young age, he experienced different art disciplines, starting in the School of the Arts Arison Campus and then Ironi Aleph high school of arts Theater department for which he received a certificate of excellence. After participating in the Acco Theater festival, he joined the production crew of the Israeli Opera house and continued with assisting the reputable directress Rina Yerushalmi’s ensemble. In his spare time, he created bags made from recycled materials and leftovers which sold exclusively through design shops.

Looking to advance professionally, Ziv moved to The Netherlands to study at the Man and Identity department of The Design Academy Eindhoven, Where he manifested many of his creative skills and ideas into conceptual design. His graduation projects ‘A Yiddishe momme’ and ‘quasimode’ got him high scores and presented at the Tilburg Textile museum and Mediamatic – art and new technology center in Amsterdam.

When he got back in Tel Aviv he founded the brand ZBG which focus on creating innovating materials. The lighting features ‘Sea Angels’, which are made with special knitted mesh Ziv has developed using different metal wires creates a translucent look as deep sea creatures. The pieces were exhibited in the Fresh Paint art fair and Gal Gaon Gallery in Tel Aviv.

In a collaboration with Karen Oberzon Ziv has developed luxury necklaces made from gold wires for the Oberzon Boutique. The collaboration was celebrated in an article by Sigal Namir Design room and gave life to further collection of knitted accessories.
Ziv’s latest project ‘Equalunequal’ is focused on creating a balance between waste materials and making them usable again.

One example is the bags he created from shading net scraps. Giving them a fresh appearance.

Ziv Ben Gal

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Tel Aviv, Israel
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