About Ziv Ravitz

After ten years in the service of Avishai Cohen, Yaron Herman and Shai Maestro, Ziv Ravitz comes out with two unique projects.

“No Man Is An Island ”, or how to maintain interaction within a “jazz” trio. How to breathe a dynamic without double bass or piano, while finding a balance between the skins of the drums, the harmonic contribution of the guitar and the counterpoint of the blowing saxophone. With the luminous presence of Federico Casagrande (guitar) and Christophe Panzani (sax), the trio redefines the contours of contemporary jazz!

In solo, Ziv offers a musical reinterpretation of cinema classics, original compositions on guitar and vocals, an archi-complete artist who demonstrates his musical sensitivity and all his talent.

Ziv Ravitz


Brooklyn, New York, United States

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