Artists Honoring AICF for the Foundation’s 80th Anniversary

In honor of AICF’s 80th Anniversary, acclaimed and emerging Israeli artists of all fields and geographies select one of their shows, publications or works, to dedicate to the Foundation.


Ran Zemach’s Live Performance

Pianist and AICF alumnus Ran Zemach dedicates a recording from his live performance of Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet op. 75 to AICF. The full series of videos from this concert can be watched here.

January, 2019     Worldwide

Zoe ronen

Zoe Ronen’s Special Recording

Trumpet player and AICF alumnus Zoe Ronen dedicates his video recording of the sonata for trumpet by Theodore Holdheim to AICF. It can be watched here.

January, 2019     Worldwide

iron woman hila beja

Hila Laiser Beja’s The Iron Woman

Artist and AICF Artist Network member Hila Beja dedicates her piece The Iron Woman to AICF’s 80th Celebrations.

January, 2019     Worldwide

asphalt theatre

Asphalt Theatre’s Mumbai Show

The award winning ensemble dedicates a show to AICF as part of a music festival.

January, 2019     Mumbai, India


Nofar Yacobi’s Mazzoleni Hall Recital

Opera singer and AICF alumna Nofar Yacobi dedicates her recital at the Mazzoleni Hall, The Royal Conservatory to the AICF’s 80th celebrations. The program includes classical and Israeli music. More info.

February 13, 2019    Toronto, Canada

saar ahuvia

Saar Ahuvia’s Rite of Spring, Israel Debut

Pianist and AICF alumnus Saar Ahuvia‘s “Duo Stephanie & Saar” dedicates its Tel Aviv Conservatory debut to the Foundation.

February 15, 2019    Tel Aviv, Israel

yoav eshed

Yoav Eshed’s New Music Video

Guitarist and AICF alumnus Yoav Eshed dedicates a new song and video to the Foundation.

February, 2019     Worldwide


Tammy Laufer’s 44 Degrees’ Issue

Artist and AICF Artist Network member Tammy Laufer dedicates the February issue of her magazine “44 Degrees” to AICF.

 February, 2019     Worldwide

shula ross wag israel

Exposed and Hidden by WAG

The Israeli branch of the International Artists Organization WAG (World Art Games) holding its annual event – this year, as the exhibition Exposed and Hidden.

Several painters and sculptors participate in the exhibition, as well as musicians and poets. Featuring Israeli Artist Network members painter and sculptor Shula Ross, painter Rumy Renan, and cellist and composer Uri Netanel.

 March 2-29, 2019     Tel Aviv, Israel

yaaa ballin

Yalla Ballin’s New Show – NYC Debut

Singer and AICF alumna Yaala Ballin dedicates the NYC debut of her “Symphony, Song, Swing!” show to the Foundation.

 April, 2019     New York, NY, USA

nino herman i to eye

Nino Herman – I to Eye

In this group exhibition, visitors are invited to witness encounters – from their first moments to their eventual conclusion – and rediscover the value of face-to-face interactions. Featuring works by Nino Herman.

Curator: Shir Meller-Yamaguchi, Designer: Michal Aldor

Through April 28, 2019     Various Locations

Moti Azuelos

Isranroll Art Festival at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque

Contemporary visual art and Israeli rock. A unique art festival featuring photography, video, paintings and live acoustic rock, created by Israeli Artist Network member Moti Azuelos.

 April 15-28, 2019     Tel Aviv, Israel

yael weiss

Yael Weiss’ “32 Bright Clouds” Project

Pianist and AICF alumna Yael Weiss dedicates her “32 Bright Clouds” performance in St. Petersburg, FL, to AICF. “32 Bright Clouds: Beethoven Conversations Around the World” is a global music-commissioning, performing and recording project. Curated and performed by Weiss, this groundbreaking project commissions new works from 32 countries of conflict and secluded areas spanning the globe, all united through musical themes from Beethoven.

June, 2019     St. Petersburg, FL

Matan Daskal

Matan Daskal & Castle in Time Orchestra’s Multidisciplinary Piece

Composer, conductor and AICF alumnus Matan Daskal and his Castle in Time Orchestra create a unique multidisciplinary piece dedicated to AICF.

 2019     Israel

laura murlander

Laura Murlender’s New Piece

Painter and photographer and AICF Artist Network member Laura Murlender dedicates her new piece – Sequences, 2019 mixed media on paper, 22″x15″ – to AICF.

 2019     Buenos Aires, Argentina