Assaf Eshet Develops a New Toy, Opens a Store in Brooklyn

Artist Assaf Eshet opened a toy store and play lab in the heart of Brooklyn. It’s turned into a fun, creative hub for kids to experience the toy and show off their wild imaginations. One of the main attractions in this new establishment is the Clixo Magnets that Eshet developed, a cross between origami, magnets, and building blocks with a satisfying click that will keep you coming back for more.

Eshet, an experienced toy inventor and professor for design at UPenn, moved from Israel to New York to pursue his passion for toy design and education and has been on a lifelong journey to create this innovative new play system. Assaf says: “Creating a play-system for modern times was always a passion of mine. The seed of what Clixo is today was planted in my awareness early on in my career and developed as I got more experience and got valuable insights of how kids and even students and adults can play in different, more liberating ways. Since I decided to pursue my dream and set on the journey to build this system, It took 3 years of research and development and over a thousand prototypes before Clixo was born.”