Baruch Inbar’s New Illustrated Book: DJ Bear

DJ Bear is a new illustrated book for children by Baruch Inbar.

The much-anticipated book by acclaimed author and award-winning artist, Baruch Inbar, tells the heartwarming tale of  Barry Brownofski (aka: DJ Bear), a happy young bear who loved music so much, but his wealthy family who was in the honey trade business for many generations had other plans for him and his life: selling honey! And so Barry grew up forgetting all about his love of music, and instead following his family’s plans and becoming a well-respected honey trader.

Beautifully illustrated and written in lighthearted and easy-to-read rhymes, DJ Bear tells an uplifting and engaging story about following our dreams in life and doing the things that make us happy and also make others happy as a result. The story of DJ Bear inspires our young readers to embrace their own wants and desires in life and also cultivate the self-assurance and confidence that they indeed can live up to their dreams and fulfill them with joy and happiness.

The book can be purchased at DJ Bear official website.