Tali Roth Performs Live at Garcia Lorca Festival

The recent Garcia Lorca Festival featured Guitarist Tali Roth as the only live music performance, giving a solo recital

Dan Pugach Wins Prestigious Prizes at BMI’s 31st Jazz Composers Workshop Showcase

Drummer and composer Dan Pugach won the Charlie Parker Prize, as well as the Manny Albam Commission award, at BMI's 31st Jazz Composers Workshop Showcase held on June 12th.
Iddo Bar Shai

Iddo Bar-Shai Featured in “La Terrasse” Magazine, for Chopin Festival

On June 22nd, Iddo Bar-Shai will give a recital: the inauguration concert of this year's Chopin festival, "La Terrasse" magazine chose to write about this concert and program

Nadav Hertzka Releases A New Album

Young up-and-coming soloist Nadav Hertzka presents an album full of Czech music by Janáček and newer works by Israeli composer Nimrod Borenstein. The music includes Janáček’s deeply reflective “On an Overgrown Path” and Borenstein’s “Reminiscences”...

Noa Kapelyushnik Wins Prestigious Scholarship at Vladimir Horowitz Competition

In one of the most prestigious events for young pianists held this past April in Kiev, Ukraine, pianist Noa Kapliyonshik took part in the Vladimir Horowitz competition for ages fourteen to nineteen.

Stephanie and Saar Presents Makrokosmos Project 5

Makrokosmos Project 5 is quickly approaching and Stephanie Ho and Saar Ahuvia cannot be more excited!! Where else will you find 5 hours of music by Toru Takemitsu, John Luther Adams, Gabriela Lena Frank,...

New Fund for Cinema and TV: 17 Films Selected to Docaviv Festival

17 films supported by the New Fund for Cinema and TV (NFCT) were selected to premiere at the upcoming Docaviv International Film Festival, including the opening film Picture of His Life. The festival will take...

Arvoles: A New Album by Avishai Cohen

On Friday June 7th 2019, Avishai Cohen will release his new album ‘Arvoles’ (‘Trees’ in the ancient Ladino-language). ‘’This time I wanted to focus on something else. I see ‘Arvoles’ as new music, it’s a...

Fashionating by Liri: 7 Young Textile, Jewelry, Accessory And Footwear Designers

Israel is celebrating 71, and 'Fashionating by Liri' took this opportunity to tell us about seven young designers

Jonathan Leshnoff Releases ‘Violins of Hope’ Album

This past Thursday, on May 2nd and in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day,  Jonathan Leshnoff released his new album, 'Violins of Hope'

Or Bareket Releases New Album

Or Bareket's new album "33", was released this Friday, May 3rd on Enja Records. The ten tracks on it are sound-pictures of a pretty eventful and transformative time in Bareket's life

‘Mission To Earth campaign’ launched at U.N Global Festival of Action in Bonn

The NYADO collective launched their 'Mission To Earth' campaign with a debut screening of the Mission To Earth anthem and live performance on Saturday 4 May, at the closing ceremony of the U.N’s Global...