Zemer Peled Featured on BBC Radio

Listen to AICF grant recipient Zemer Peled on "The Conversation" on BBC Radio, discussing how nature inspires her to make intricate and complex contemporary art from clay.

Israeli Short Film White Eye by Tomer Shushan Nominated for as Oscar

An Israeli film examining the lives of African migrants in the country was nominated Monday for an Oscar in the Best Live Action Short Film category, after being selected from a shortlist of ten...

“Eye Of The Beholder” by Judith Lungen Wins ‘Social Conscious’ Award

Judith Lungen wins the 2021 ’Social Conscious” award in the Photography/Digital Art category for her work "EYE OF THE BEHOLDER".

Avishai Cohen’s New Orchestra Album: Two Roses

Avishai Cohen describes his new orchestra album Two Roses as a "once in a lifetime project”. Combining his core trio - Mark Guiliana (d), Elchin Shirinov (p) - with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra conducted...

״All In: The Fight For Democracy״ Shortlisted for the Oscars, with Music by Gil...

The film ״All In: The Fight For Democracy״, with a music score by Gil Talmi, was shortlisted for the Oscar award. 

“Stories”: Roni Ben Hur’s New Album

Tamuz Nissim takes part in Roni BenHur's new album, "Stories" which was recently released. Listen to Tamuz in her version of the Israeli song "Ha'omnam"

“Fine and Freakful”: David Saruchanov Releases First Single from Upcoming Album

David Saruchanov released a first single from his upcoming album, "Home" which will come out this summer.

Listen to Uri Netanel’s Kaddish Performed by Tomáš Tuláček

In 2019 Slovakian violinist Tomáš Tuláček looked for works entitled Kaddish for violin and ensemble (for him and the Moscheles ensemble). Uri Netanel enthusiastically returned to work on sketches he made back in 2007...

New Artis Limited Edition Artworks by Tom Pnini

Two new, stunning limited edition artworks by New York-based artist Tom Pnini are available for purchase as part of the Artis limited edition series. Proceeds from edition sales support the artist and Artis. Tom Pnini’s limited editions, Two Figures...

Udi Perlman & Yotam Haber Among American Academy of Arts Winners

The American Academy of Arts and Letters announced the recipients of this year’s awards in music, which total $225,000. Among the 18 musicians selected are two Israelis: AICF grant recipient Udi Perlman and Yotam Haber.

Watch: Roni Adar and Bar Geva in The Butterfly 2020 Performance

The Butterfly 2020 performance is an improvised dance-music piece presented by the artists Roni Adar (Dance) and Bar Geva (Bass, Double Bass). Larva transforms to Pupa, transfigured to Imago, the performance displays the evolution...

Watch: My Father’s Death by Bracha Bdil

My Father's Death - Lamentation for Soprano & Piano Composer: Bracha Bdil Words by: Pnina Avni Translation: Rachel Baddiel Translation editor: Yael Levin Soprano: Mina Gligorć Piano: Vanja Šćepanović Sound production: Marko Perić 2021 "Portraits and Remembrance" Rossi Fest - The International...