Sophia Mashayev Performs with The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra

Sophia Mashayev participated in a performance of a vocal work for the All-Israel contest "Kochavim Ba'seger" ("Stars in Quarantine") with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. Link on this Facebook link to watch Sophia's performance of the...

Listen to Bar Markovich’s New Single

Crazy Violin Adventure by Bar Markovich Production/recording/violin: Bar Markovich Mixing: Matan Kaufman Mastering: Noah James Bar Markovich is an award-winning cross-genre Violinist. As one of Israel's most promising young musicians, his latest solo work has led to a...

Suzanne Landau Opens New Art Space in Tel Aviv

Suzanne Landau, former chairwoman of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and chief curator at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem recently announced the opening of a new art space named “Nassima Landau”, in collaboration with businesses man and art collector Steeve Nassima.

Watch a Video in Honor of Boaz Vaadia’s Birthday

Watch this video In Honor of Boaz Vaadia's Birthday, produced by Scott Brasher and some family photos from the Boaz Vaadia archives.

Debrah Wasserman Included in 2020 NYFA Finalist

Artist Debrah Wasserman is included in 2020 NYFA finalist list in the category of Printmaking/Drawing/Book Art. Her work was being noticed from a pool of almost 4000 applicants. Each year, the NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship offers...

Listen to a Song by Shlomi Shaban and The Israel Camerata

The Israel Camerata Jerusalem and musician Shlomi Shaban collaborated in producing a new song Hasheker (The Lie). Listen to Shaban plays the piano and sings the song, originally performed by Orly Zilbershatz and written by...

Liliana Farber Wins 2020 Lumen Prize

Liliana Farber is awarded the 2020 Lumen Prize Still Image Award for photograph series of non-existent islands generated by a machine learning algorithm

Alon Nechushtan and Israeli Music Festival featured on the Jerusalem Post

Read the article in the Jerusalem Post about this year's Israeli Music Festival that will take place virtually as so many other current cultural events. The festival will include a concert entitled "From the...

Ghiora Aharoni in The Asia Society Triennial “We Do Not Dream Alone”

Three of Ghiora Aharoni's works have been selected for The Asia Society Triennial, opening in New York on October 27th

Watch The Clip of Daniel Weiss’s New Single K4Y

K4Y is one of the tracks from Daniel Weiss's upcoming album Dive which was released on October 16th on all media platforms. Since then has been added to Spotify’s editorial Fusion playlist (over 110k monthly...

Listen: “On Layered Confessions” Audio Interview with Roey Victoria Heifetz

New episode of "Signals from the Studio" featuring artist Roey Victoria Heifetz. 

Listen to a New Single by Michelle Green and Daniel Ori

Trial By Jury is the first single out of Michelle Green's new EP Raising Spirits, produced and co-wrote by Daniel Ori. The EP will be released soon and will include 6 tracks. Written by Michelle...