Deborah Wasserman Interview on Beyond The Paint

Deborah Wasserman spoke to art historian, educator, and curator, Bernadine Franco, creator of Beyond The Paint podcastabout her work, philosophy, process, and inspirations. We invite you to listen to the podcast on her website. Bernadine generously wrote an introduction to her work, below is an excerpt:

” I had the opportunity to visit with Wasserman at her studio in Queens, New York. So fabulous—I explored her collages, and some of her large scale paintings, including Whispers in the Trees —brightly colored imagined landscape of sinewy trees and thick underbrush—you can see figures of women, one embraces a trunk of one tree, her face leans up against the bark—the narrative “seeks to a connection to place—Where do I belong… “my country is in the pure space of land. Earth and land is my feminine religion” says Wasserman“.