Dr. Maayan Amir Receives ISF 2020-2023 Grant

Maayan Amir

Dr. Maayan Amir, an artist and senior lecturer at Ben Gurion University, is among the recipients of the latest Israel Science Foundation Grant, for the years 2020-2023.

Maayan’s research in the past few years has focused on the geographical-juridical term: extraterritoriality.
This is a concept whose practical aspects are applied to people and spaces, and constitute the means for release or exclusion from the jurisdiction of local law and alternatively, subjugation to another legal system, as a means to creating agreement between legal systems.
Amir suggest expanding the term extraterritoriality to cover additional spheres of activity and regimes of representation. Extraterritorial representation can also be extended to include visual images. Click here to read her latest article

Her recommendation to the committee reads: “Overall, this is in my opinion an outstanding research project with a great potential for originality and innovation and major relevance both to academy and wider public debate.
I therefore can recommend without any reservations to the Israel Science Foundation that it fund this exceptional project that may not otherwise ever come to fruition. In the hope and expectation that it will find favor with your selection panel, I am already looking forward in considerable anticipation to what the PI and their team will uncover in their investigation.”