91-DIVOC: A Group Show at Zemack Gallery
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91-DIVOC: A Group Show at Zemack Gallery

91-DIVOC is Zemack Contemporary Art’s first step towards reversing the course of this pandemic

Curator: Shai Zemack

Staying at home kept us safe, but art will keep us sane.
Covid-19 has placed the world in an unprecedented pause.  It inflicted tragedy and pain on many.  Our heartfelt condolences go out to everyone who has lost loved ones.

Now we must forge a path forward and build a stronger future. The upcoming exhibition, 91-DIVOC, is Zemack Contemporary Art’s first step towards reversing the course of this pandemic and returning art to the public who is thirsty to return to the interactive experiences. The public is ready to move away from the virtual experiences of the arts and back into the physical space.

Artists, museums, art fairs and galleries had exhibitions planned months and sometimes years in advance. These exhibitions and artworks sat on walls in empty halls for two months only visible on some parallel universe. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s exhibition, Absolute Value from the collection of Marie and Jose Mugrabi, was months in the planning with a huge marketing budget. The banners all over Tel Aviv heralded an exhibition that would sit void of appreciation. Zemack had two exhibitions, Prima Facie by Kobi Assaf and Window Box by Tal Golani. These exhibitions were extremely well received in the first couple of weeks, but were far too short-lived.  

Shai Zemack, founder and President of the gallery: "I felt the need to open the gallery with a new exhibition that highlighted many of the gallery artists and some works from the gallery collection which I personally curated.  We want to start the healing with an exhibition that features some of the best works from all of our artists - from Philippe Pasqua’s monumental T-Rex sculpture and three-meter paintings to Dana Zaltzman’s small still life paintings. This exhibition is an amalgamation of an eclectic gathering of paintings, photographs, and sculptures.

We need to embrace life and what better way than to celebrate and rejoice with art. Art has been a source of comfort and progress in every society throughout time. Today, art materializes in all forms: video games, streaming tv, podcasts, music and visual arts in galleries and museums.  We are excited to open the gallery with this exhibition and hope this exhibition and incredible works of art bring light to the dark".

Date and time

Mar 03, 2024
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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