Alouette: a Solo Exhibition by Tamir Chen

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    March 25, 2021 – May 15, 2021
    Tel Aviv Artist's Studios
    Hatavor 32
    Tel Aviv, Israel

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    The solo exhibition, curated by Eitan Buganim, presented at the project space of the Tel Aviv Artists’ Studios. It showcases oil and wax on canvas, drawings, and wax casts – all created over the last year – which aspire to deconstruct and rework the image of a bird-tree. 

    I first encountered the bird-tree in the Netherlands: an object constructed of stuffed birds that were remolded and ‘planted’ on small pieces of wood in a layout that could not have existed in the natural world. This object, with its ability to be both dead and alive, had me in a spell. I pored over it at length. I longed to unite this quality with painting – petrified and inanimate, but filled with nuance, life, and sexuality. 

    The act of repeating the bird-tree image promotes a deepening gaze into the abstract depths embodied within it and within painting as a whole; a sphere is formed, in which the bird breaks down, disappears, and is born again; finally, the image transforms into a cover for the actual story: a tale about a painting that is both tree and bird, and neither one of them.

    Alouette is a French song with a naïve, sweet-sounding composition that a young boy sings to a bird while plucking its feathers and dissecting its corpse. I sensed an affinity between the dissonance inherent in Alouette and my exhibition – that it stems from the same carnal savagery and fervor tucked away in each of us – passions that guide me in my studio work. 

    Painting for me is a sensual, husky, mysterious act. These thoughts have been my chaperons for a long while. They accompanied my final exhibition at Bezalel and I believe that they will stay with me for years to come throughout my continued explorations.

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