Amit Gour’s One-Man Show Debute: ‘My Life – The Musical’

Amit Gour’s One-Man Show Debute: ‘My Life – The Musical’

Amit Gour’s successful Israeli one-man show, 'My Life - the Musical', was chosen to present its US debut performance, as part of the 'United Solo Theater Festival'. The show will perform in English.

Amit Gour’s successful Israeli one-man show, ‘My Life – the Musical’, was chosen to present its US debut performance, as part of the ‘United Solo Theater Festival’.
Directed by Nir Erez. music director and pianist Yuval Shapira.
The show will perform in English on Sunday, November 10th, at 19:30 at Theatre Row.
‘My Life – The Musical’ is the first theater show in Israel to present a male sexual assault perspective, merely weeks before the #metoo movement has erupted globally. This funny, thought-provoking, heart-wrenching biographic piece focuses on the inherent desire to own a unique voice in the world and the repercussions of claiming it.

The musical unfolds the sexual assault victim’s inner world and the effect it has on one’s soul, while bringing to light the theater’s darker side. The show confronts the most fragile relationship between actors and directors, and defies the loss of boundaries, in the name of the arts.

The show gained rave reviews since it opened at the Tmuna fringe theatre in Tel Aviv, Israel:

“Gour’s theatric presence is fierce. His effortless choreography and charismatic performance place him as a natural, almost nonchalant talent. ‘My Life – The Musical’ extends Gour’s great technique and enables him to powerfully convey emotion and meaning and far beyond it. At the end of the show, all I wanted was to hug Gour and to thank him for presenting his courageous and important story.” Nano Shabtai. ‘Haaretz’.

“Amit Gour’s ‘My Life – The Musical’ was one of the most impactful pieces I’ve seen. Gour’s vulnerability allows us to witness the profound effects of one’s sexually attacked. The performance has left me pondering of the tremendous impact of such a common crime. Gour invites us to join his journey of realization. It’s tough and liberating, both for him as well as for us – but it’s essential.” Bonnie Friedman. ‘’

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About United Solo Theater Festival:
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Oct 04, 2023
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