Andi Arnovitz Participates in Museuo Mostra Exhibition in Brazil

    Event Details

    April 2, 2021 – May 2, 2021


    Event Info

    A curated online and real-time exhibition in San Paolo, Brazil, featuring over 200 works from artists in 40 different countries. This exhibition presents various artist’s experiences and explorations during the Covid Pandemic.

    Museuo Mostra in Sao Paolo Brazil has opened both an online and virtual exhibition. The works of 200 artists from 40 different countries are featured. The objective of The Covid Art Museum is to collect artistic explorations on the health crisis, as well as to give visibility and value to the works made by artists in their homes, as well as to build connections between people who share the same experience. Each artist traces his own experiences and reflections on this situation. The techniques used in the works are the most varied, including photographs, illustrations, installations, and animations.