Appreciative Exhibit for the IDF Reserves

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    April 4, 2019 – April 28, 2019
    (this event is over)
    Amiad Gallery
    Amiad 12
    Tel Aviv, Israel

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    In an unprecedented exhibition, Chen Winkler has installed works of art, photographs, sculptures of stone and steel that vividly depict the pains and pride, the triumphs and tragedies, and the citizen inside of each reservist that peeks out from behind the uniform.

    “For three decades I have felt within me the deep need to express to the world the unique and exceptional service that these everyday heroes go through. The turbulence that each reservist experiences when switching back and forth between service and military life is an experience that can only receive its full expression within art. The opportunity to fuse these two worlds of art and the IDF is a dream come true. This gallery is the culmination of years of artistic contemplation how best to portray to the wider populace the true, human visage of these unique and unsung heroes.”

    The exhibit will be opening in collaboration with the Tel Aviv Municipality and the Chief General of the Reserves, Ari Singer, at the famed Amiad Gallery in the Jaffa Marketplace. The gallery is open to the public for free between the 4th and 28th of April.

    Within the framework of the exhibition, works of art that Winkler has fashioned over the past years will be presented throughout the gallery. The instalments are made of stone and steel, among which are powerful monumental statues and three dimensional wall reliefs, as well as engaging photographs documenting three decades of reservist experience. The exceptionally complex masonry combined with the unique cuts of rare stone that characterise Chen’s work, take center stage in the new exhibition.

    Among the many installments in the gallery, a few stand out especially. “The Salute” at a staggering height of 2.4 meters is made of a stone that symbolises what a real soldier is made of throughout his service. “Ben Gurion” in his famous headstand pose takes on a new and impressive form in a 2.2 meter statue. “The Spirit Bird” that the artist created out of inspiration from his travels to Poland, and the installment of “APC and Helicopters – Command Day” made from pieces of metal floating from the roof of the gallery and based upon photographs documenting battle situations and tactics.

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