Atelier | Boaz Balachsan, Chen Ziv & Sharon Avraham

    Event Details

    March 22, 2018, 8:00PM – April 26, 2018, 6:00PM
    (this event is over)
    Omer Tiroche Gallery
    Mazal Moznaim 2 / Kikar Kdoumim 8
    Tel Aviv- Yafo, Israel

    Event Info

    Omer Tiroche Gallery is Proud to present, Atelier, a living and breathing exhibition much like the art created in it. The exhibition allows access to three artists’ studios; Sharon Avraham (Photography), Boaz Balachsan (Painting and Mix Media) and Chen Ziv (Emotional Sculptor).  Together they open their studio to the world of the galleries and invite the observer to become an integral part of their creative process, allowing them to dive into the artistic experience.

    “The world comes to be painted at my studio”, said Gustav Courbet (1819-1877) once he presented to the world his revolutionary work The Painter’s Studio (1855). Much like in this classical work, here the artist and his artistic world take centre stage. Painter, photographer and sculptor – the creative labour and craft of the artists is being openly put on display in this exhibition; an act usually reserved for behind the scenes is here displayed for all to see. Atelier shows the artist’s instruments, the essence of what he does and contextualises the artist’s practice.

    This is not your conventional art exhibition. Forget everything you think you know about art gallery shows. No silence and no staring at fixed images carefully displayed on a wall. The viewer is not invited to this exhibition as a passive observer but as a paintbrush, as a canvas and as the raw material. Visitors are invited by Avraham, Balachsan and Ziv to take part in the creation of a new art work; to witness and partake in the artists’ inspiration and creative process.

    Avraham, in his photographs shifts between conceptual and documentary. His works deal with intimate connections between people and creating new, unconventional spaces in which a person or group receives new meaning through the medium of photography. Balachsan’s practice is centred around the concept of empathy and our interpretation of it. His works thrive from the different mediums and in so doing he gives form to the formless. Ziv’s sculptures look deeper into emotions and passion through femininity, exposure, and the casting of pure feeling into timeless bronze. Her project explores the complexity of emotions between herself and society.


    Please be advised that this exhibition contains live nudity.