Avishai Cohen Trio European Tour: Gently Disturbed

Avishai Cohen Trio European Tour: Gently Disturbed

Avishai Cohen Trio returns to Europe with projects of various kinds

w / Mark Guiliana & Shai Maestro

Israeli double bass player Avishai Cohen returns to Europe with projects of various kinds. However, he remains most authentic in the chamber jazz trio, especially in which drummer Mark Guiliana and pianist Shai Maestro play by his side.

A native of Jerusalem, he began his career in the 1990s and after engaging with pianist Chick Corey soon embarked on a successful solo career, Cohen has played almost thirty concerts here and despite such intensity, he has never been in need. He has released a number of successful albums on the border between jazz and world music, but he has never resisted pop, which tastefully permeates especially his later recordings. Today, he is a global star with popularity far beyond the jazz community.

Avishai Cohen managed to win the hearts of many fans in the Czech Republic, Hungaria, Romania, Luxemburg, Portugal, Belgium, Germany and Austria with his concerts moving in the genre on a diverse floor plan, from a symphonic project to a 1970 pop-jazz line-up. Together with Guiliana and Maester, they recorded the groundbreaking Gently Disturbed recording in 2008. It is with this cast and repertoire that Avishai will come to this year's Strings of Autumn. Innovator Mark Guiliana behind the drums and the phenomenal Shai Maestro behind the piano remind us again of what Avishaie Cohen's music is all about - fantastic sound, precise interplay, complicated but exciting polyrhythms and grooves, romantic mood of compositions, individual virtuosity fully used for the needs of the whole. This is exactly the trio of Gently Disturbed.

Date and time

Feb 26, 2024
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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