Boyan and Ofir Dor “What’s the Black Dog Doing With the White Girl’s Dress”
Visual Arts

Boyan and Ofir Dor “What’s the Black Dog Doing With the White Girl’s Dress”

Both artists can be seen in the exhibition 'What's the Black Dog Doing With the White Girl's Dress'.

Boyan was born in Bulgaria in 1975 and emigrated to Israel in 1997.
His works primarily in painting, focusing on real and fantastic characters, while his painterly work skillfully jumps between different genres and styles. Boyan graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem in 2003. He has had solo exhibitions at the Andrea Meislin Gallery in New York, the Gallery 39, and the Summer Contemporary Art Gallery in Tel Aviv and the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art Boyan's works have been featured in various group exhibitions, including MoBY (Bat Yam Museums), Haifa Art Museum, the 1st Herzliya Biennale, the Peter Kilchmann Gallery in Zurich, and the Christian Ehrentraut Project Space in Berlin. His works are in public and private collections, including the Peter Killchman Collection in Zurich, the Zablodovich Collection in London, the Fruchter Family Collection in Belgium and Israel, the Haifa Museum of Art Collection and the Rubel Family Collection in Miami.

Ofir Dor is an Israeli painter living in Berlin since 2007. Since studying art at the Bezalel Academy in Israel in 2004, his painterly style has become a free expression thanks to both abstract expressionism and the lyrical abstract and other pioneering elements of Israeli modernism. His often-nude characters confront the viewer with his naive playfulness and unadulterated sensuality, setting their surroundings, whether actual interiors or highly charged Arcadian landscapes, in the wings of a sexual escapade.

Date and time

Mar 05, 2024
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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