Brain Cake
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Brain Cake

How many ingredients are needed to make a cake?

Baking time, the consistency of the dough, the right ingredients, all of which are needed for the final product or perhaps just to satisfy an initial desire.

What does the desire to make a cake and the will to do so imply?
Conceptually, the cake has always been an object linked to transgression of normality, a moment of escape and surprise, with which to reward oneself or just give in to the allure of vanity.

It would be curious at this point to create stitches or links with art. The processes underlying the creation of a cake may be similar to those underlying the act of art. The desire to escape and to transgress the normal flow of life underpins artistic inspiration and its development. The brain becomes the symbol of union between cake and art. The ingredients are the tools, the greedy desire for freedom and escape, the consumption of the meal, the enjoyment and satisfaction of the end result.

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Dec 28, 2022
Jan 03, 2023

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M.A.D.S. Gallery
Barcelona, Spain

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