Jewish Monkeys : Record Release • Berlin • ufa Fabrik

Jewish Monkeys : Record Release • Berlin • ufa Fabrik

Jewish Monkeys are a wacky Kleizmer-Rock/Pop burlesque band from Tel Aviv. Their story begins way back in the 1970's, when two of their singers meet in the Frankfurt Synagogue boy's choir and became best friends forever. Three decades later, joined by a third member, they become the deliciously irreverent trio they are today, dubbed The Jewish Monkeys.

It’s the first question that springs to mind. But the Jewish Monkeys just shrug their shoulders and say “Jews can call themselves that.” The name itself is indicative of their approach: confusion, madcap humor and wit. Whatever you want to reply to this question, the commotion they create are politically incorrect texts and refined sense of nonsense. Within their English and Yiddish-language Balkan-Klezmer-style rock the Jewish Monkeys constantly launch satirical attacks or rather uninhibited lyrics, not shying away from issues such as child abuse, violent fathers, the holy moron Middle East conflict and our never-ending lust and greed for oil.

Band Members

Jossi Reich
Gael Zaidner
Omer Hershman
Yoli Baum
Henri Vered
Eylon Tushiner
Yaron Ouzana

Date and time

Feb 23, 2024
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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