‘Creative Differences’: Exhibition at the London Design Biennale
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‘Creative Differences’: Exhibition at the London Design Biennale

Nature has long mastered the art of self-shaping, effortlessly producing forms that optimize energy and material usage. What if we could harness this wisdom?

Imagine a world where materials no longer passively receive design, but actively engage in the shaping process. Could the integration of self-shaping systems pave the way for a material culture that is both innovative and sustainable, maximizing efficiency in unprecedented ways?

We at Automorph, an interdisciplinary network of scientists and designers, are exploring the concept of self-shaping matter to propose new and potentially transformative material realities. Following two decades of research, we will share our insights and vision through our installation Creative Differences at the London Design Biennale this June.

Curated as a journey through three landscape types, the installation will shed light on examples of self-shaping matter in the natural world and speculate on how they could be harnessed to fabricate future morphologies.

Creative Differences stands for our network's unifying belief in the creative power of heterogeneity, a quality fundamental to the science of self-shaping matter as well as a guiding ethos in our practice of disciplinary hybridity. We believe difference and incompatibility – traditionally associated with instability – are not only essential to the efficiency and diversity of nature's generative mechanisms but represent a latent force that could be harnessed through a holistic pursuit of material innovation.

Members: Eran Sharon; Benoit Roman; Arielle Blonder; Lining Yao; Antonio de Simone; Dominique Peysson; Ofri Dar.
Curator: Arielle Blonder
Collaborators: Tzuri Gueta, Textile Artist - Paris; Achim Menges, Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD), University of Stuttgart
Exhibition design: Ofri Dar
Creative & Contant: Lihi Berger

Date and time

Jun 01, 2023
08:00 PM (UTC+1)

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London Design Biennale
London, United Kingdom

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