Dirty Laundry Theatre Presents: Borders

Dirty Laundry Theatre Presents: Borders

Dirty Laundry Theatre and Stonewell Inn present Nimrod Danishman's play Borders

Dirty Laundry Theatre is proud and happy to partner with Stonewell Inn in presenting Borders! A Virtual encounter between two enemies on Grindr.

What connects two people who meet online? Borders takes us through a virtual journey through fantasy, distance, foreignness, and explores what borders actually divides them.

Boaz and George meet on Grindr. They are attracted to one another instantly and want to meet in person, but something prevents them from doing so. One lives in Israel, the other- in Lebanon. Is it just the physical border that keeps them apart? Would their virtual relationship survive in the real world?

Written by Nimrod Danishman

Directed by Michael R Piazza

Starring: Eli M Schoenfeld (AICF Grantee) and Adrian Rifat

$10 tickets online, $15 at the door.

Date and time

Feb 14, 2020
01:30 PM (UTC-5)

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