׳Still Life In Lodz׳ New Documentary Virtual Nationwide Opening

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    March 12, 2021 – April 30, 2021


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    Emmy Award-winning director Slawomir Grünberg brings forth an emotionally riveting documentary about the lure of family mysteries tied into 75 tumultuous years of the Jewish community’s history in Lodz, Poland. It is opening on March 12th in virtual cinemas nationwide.

    Tapping into a handmade style, Grünberg imaginatively has woven together remarkable archival footage with beautifully-rendered animation as well as authentic drawings from the Lodz Ghetto. Grünberg intertwines the tragic history of Lodz’s Jewish community with the childhood and dreams of one of its main subjects, Lilka Elbaum, as embodied by a still life painting of lush flowers and ripe fruit that hung on the wall of the apartment in Lodz where she grew up.

    On March 14, join the director Slawomir Grünberg and acclaimed architect Daniel Libeskind to a special panel about the documentary film Still Life In Lodz with the participation of Paul Celler and Lilka Elbaum, two of the film’s subjects.
    Moderator: Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett.
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