Exhibition in Leipzig: Family Chamizer. L’dor v’dor. From Generation to Generation.

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    June 26, 2019, 12:00AM – September 15, 2019, 12:00AM
    (this event is over)
    Haus Böttchergäßchen
    Böttchergäßchen 3
    04109 Leipzig, Germany

    Event Info

    L’dor v’dor. From Generation to Generation. Family Chamizer from Leipzig

    On the occasion of the Jewish Week 2019, the City History Museum brings back a special and forgotten family history over several generations into the present of the city. This Jewish Leipzig family is characterized not only by its special biographies, but also by the artistic talent of its members. Three generations of the Jewish family Chamizer and their lives between Germany and Israel are presented.
    The exhibition shows previously inaccessible works of art and photographs from the family estate and tells eventful life stories of the Chamizers between Leipzig and Israel.