Exhibition: “Open Close Open” with Avner Sher, Nezaket Ekici
Visual Arts

Exhibition: “Open Close Open” with Avner Sher, Nezaket Ekici

Exhibition: Open Closed Open with Avner Sher and Nezaket Ekici
Curator: Drorit Gur Arie
Duration: 26.10 - 10.12
Opening: 26.10, 19:00

The exhibition takes its title from Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai's book, Open Closed Open.  Amichai discusses the peeling of history's layers, moving like a pendulum between times, broken feelings, and memory fragments which entrench themselves in the mundane reality.

Avner Sher's works are typified by an act of violent wounding. He works with cork boards and cork peels—a porous, resilient woody substance.
Sher—an architect by profession—delves into historical monuments and geographical signs imbued with the imprints of erosive time, spawning new configurations, either concocted or based on ancient maps.The fracture and its healing, deconstruction and reconstruction, as well as the tension between past and present—among the features of both Jerusalem and Berlin as two divided cities transpiring along a seam—introduce spatial and political questions. Through the three-dimensional floor installation and its images, they echo thoughts about tourist-oriented miniature models of historical processes and events.

Work in Progress - Personal Map since 2008: Nezaket Ekici
In the adjacent project room "Personal Map" presents the work of Berlin-based German-Turkish artists Nezaket Ekici, who uses the body as a means of artistic investigation and expression into a range of issues. In the exhibited video, which is based on her interactive performance installation, Ekici reflects on her mixed background as well as personal memories and anecdotes accumulated during her extensive travels.

Date and time

Sep 28, 2023
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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