Gabriella Klein in “Back To Back”, Curated by Tali Ben-Nun

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    October 7, 2021, 8:00PM – October 30, 2021, 2:00PM
    Maya Gallery
    2 Shvil Hameretz
    Tel Aviv, Israel

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    Gabriella Klein / Back to Back Curator: Tal Ben-Nun

    A family vacation in Greece, family photos, and reflections on the heritage of classical sculpture are the materials Gabriella Klein’s current exhibition is assembled from.
    In this body of work, Klein’s aesthetic and conceptual approach draws its influence from the language of film. Unlike film, the drama in Klein’s paintings is not recorded on set as it unfolds; it only materializes in retrospect.

    In the seclusion of her studio, Klein recreates a vacation, casting a fresh gaze on her family, distinct from the familiar day to day. The studio becomes an editing room where frames are cut and pasted together into inorganic pictorial sequences. All this cutting and pasting allows for imaginative hybrids and fantastical scenes to emerge. Klein formulates a hallucinatory story that hints at the unease underlying the family idyll.




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