Keren Gueller and Ron Winter in “Buffer” Duo Exhibition
Visual Arts

Keren Gueller and Ron Winter in “Buffer” Duo Exhibition

Duo exhibition for Ron Winter and Keren Gueller at Hanina Gallery. Curator: Yonatan H. Mishal

Elephants used as weapons or means of punishment, men entangled in themselves, seeking resolution. ‘Buffer’ is a joint exhibition by Ron Winter and Keren Gueller, inspired by the ancient punishments of ‘Execution by Elephant’ which was used as a means to spread fear and awe in the people of the East, for hundreds of years.

In today’s adaptation, Ron Winter shows recent works of painted men on loose canvas, laid on the floor, their body’s misshaped and face expressionless. Outside the gallery, on the roof of a neighboring structure seen from above, a group of men lay in a random pattern, as if they fell and could not care to get up again. A man's head lays on the side, detached from his own body, his expression shows no concern for the unusual situation.

Keren Gueller shows a recent video installation of two caged elephants inside an old structure that still holds its markings from better times, when it was either a palace, a grand temple or a public structure with monumental characteristics.

With its days of grandeur long behind, now two animal tamers are trying to conduct some unclear practice with the two animals in the cage.

Their joint video installation can be found at the corner of the gallery, with a large spyglass used as distorting lens, creating a small spectacle of lights and sparks of color.

Curator: Yonatan H. Mishal


Date and time

Oct 03, 2023
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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