Headless cavalier: Avinoam sternheim Solo Exhibition
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Headless cavalier: Avinoam sternheim Solo Exhibition

A burst of oil paintings painted in a short period of time, between other sculpture exhibitions

In this exhibition I will present a burst of oil paintings I painted in a short period of time, between sculpture exhibitions which is my main medium of art. I wanted to paint without knowing what the outcome, and in each painting try a different visual principle that intrigued and guided me.
My natural painting temperament is a bit intense, so I really tried to contain it while not disembodying it for its original passionate nature.
The name of the exhibition is "Headless Cavalier", taken from the main, and last picture that was painted for the exhibition. It was painted in a way that reminded me of an old video game graphics, were you can see a road warrior coming back from the battle, victorious, with a sword in one hand and his own head in the other, as an allegory for the mythological story Medusa that got beheaded by Perseus, who used it later as a weapon to turn his enemies to stone.
My main challenge during work is avoiding my own self. When I succeed it enables me to paint without allowing my mind to control the process. My painted warrior character offers the viewers her head in order to make the reverse effect of the Medusa: Bring stoned people back to life.

Avinoam Sternheim solo paintings exhibition
16.5 - 1.6     Open days:     Tuesday, Thursday  -  11:00 - 15:00     Saturday  -  19:00-22:00        hashomer 3   Tel Aviv

Date and time

Mar 02, 2024
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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