Hit Play “Repertory Theater” Coming to NYC for 5 shows

Hit Play “Repertory Theater” Coming to NYC for 5 shows

After touring Israel and Europe for the past 10 years, “Repertory Theater” is coming to NYC.

A general (and spoiler-free) idea about what’s going on:
A young timid playwright is invited by a neurotic, Hamlet-obsessed national theatre manager to discuss his debut play. When art meets production value things are never easy, but nothing on God’s green earth could prepare this young man for the zany ride he is about to take.
As it turns out, the artistic director has a personal agenda concerning the playwright’s own biography: his deceased legendary actor/father who mysteriously died on stage whilst performing "Hamlet".
As the room becomes crowded with ghosts from the past, skeletons from the closet and other revived clichés, the thin borders between conscious and subconscious , theatre and real-life, implode in a groundbreaking climax.

This long-running production took the Edinburgh Fringe festivals of 2012 & 2013 by storm: from rave reviews and sold-out runs, to being shortlisted for Best Ensemble by the prestigious "Stage". In recent years it went on to perform at London’s Camden Fringe and The Hague’s Shakespeare festival in Holland, as well as winning the Grand prize at the Stockholm Fringe Festival (STOFF), Best Play award at the Israeli fringe awards and recently the Best Show at the Romanian 7B international comedy festival and Best Duo at the Reykjavík Fringe.

*****Broadway Baby: “This play demands a lot from its cast, and both performers deliver virtuosic acting...”
*****Huffington Post: “The biggest jolt of theatrical lightning I’d experienced in a long time…”
*****Yediot Ahronot: “The Israeli Monty Python...”

By now, "Repertory Theater" has gained a "cult show" status in Tel-Aviv, and is now coming to the Kraine Theater on E. 4th street for 5 shows only. Comps available for those who order in advance.

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Oct 01, 2022, 07:30 PM
Oct 08, 2022, 07:30 PM
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Kraine Theater
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