“I/Object” – Stanislav Pospelov’s First Solo Show at Minshar Gallery

    Event Details

    December 31, 2020, 7:00PM – January 28, 2021, 12:00PM
    Minshar Gallery
    David Khakhami St 18
    Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

    Event Info

    The exhibition “I/Object” moves between portraits to nature imagery taken from Stanislav Pospelov’s own reality.

    In a time when toxic masculinity is finally widely discussed and white hegemony is disrupted, Pospelov offers a reflective world view that is not confined to the male perspective he grew up into, and that currently surrounds him.

    In contrast to the conservative and macho Russian culture, and in response to the aggressive Israeli culture, Pospelov focuses in self representations that are not proud and arrogant, but actually contrary to that: His works presents a bodily option of instability, doubtful, stuck, but nevertheless sensitive and observing reality with open eyes.
    Most of the images in the show were created before COVID-19 and lockdown, yet still they stay relevant due to the feeling of loneliness and the exploration of private spaces verses empty public spaces.

    Pospelov walks the fine line between strength and sensitivity, confronting preconceptions of body, beauty, power, soul and the meeting point of collectiveness and privacy.
    Stanislav Pospelov is a graduate of the Bezalel academy photography department, 2015. He lives and works in Ashdod.
    This is his first solo show.

    Curator: Sagi Refael