Israel Film Center Festival 2020 – Virtual Edition

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    June 7, 2020 – June 14, 2020
    (this event is over)


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    The 8th Annual Israel Film Center Festival is running virtually from June 7–14, 2020! Watch the best new Israeli films and TV series from the comfort of your living room. AICF members are welcome to stream the films using a 25% discount code – AICF20.

    The opening film will be Peaches and Cream by Gur Bentwich, who is an AICF grant recipient. Other AICF grant recipients included in the lineup are Erez Tadmor who will present his new drama The Art of Waiting, and Boaz Armoni who will present his comedy The Electrifiers.

    The Israel Film Center Festival, founded in 2012, runs every June at the JCC, and is the largest festival of Israeli films in New York City. We celebrate and showcase the best new Israeli films, and the festival also includes post-screening conversations with filmmakers and actors, red carpet opening and closing nights, and other special events.

    Peaches and Cream
    Dir. Gur Bentwich. Comedy | 2019 | 92 min | Narrative

    Zuri Shostack (Gur Bentwvich), a neurotic film director, experiences a breakdown on the night his new film is released. Zuri’s fears of failure, death, and losing control rise to the surface and lead to a wild night  of hijinks and a series of unforgettable encounters with old and new friends.
    Screening: Sat, Jun 6, 8:30 pm–Sun, Jun 7, 8:30 pm. Q+A: Sun, Jun 7, 4 pm

    The Art of Waiting
    Dir. Erez Tadmor. Dramatic Comedy | 2019 | 90 min | Narrative

    Liran (Roy Assaf) and Tali (Nelly Tagar) are a married couple in their thirties dreaming of having a child together. Pressure from their families and the challenge of fertility treatment threaten their relationship. What seemed simple at first turns into a journey full of the moments of comedy and hardship that accompany the process of becoming parents. Will their love pass the test?
    Streaming: Tue, Jun 9, 7 pm–Wed, Jun 10, 7 pm. Live Q+A: Wed, Jun 10, 5 pm

    The Electrifiers
    Dir. Boaz Armoni. Comedy | 2019 | 90 min | Narrative

    The Electrifiers won the 1984 Best New Artist Award, but have been stuck in traffic on the highway to international stardom ever since. Thirty years after their win, no one remembers their hit song and the aging band still struggles to catch its real big break between gigs at nursing homes and cheap dives. Featuring cameo appearances by real-life 80s Israeli pop icons, The Electrifiers is a blissfully sweet story in which everyone, old and slightly less old, comes of age.
    Screening: Mon, Jun 8, 7 pm–Tue, Jun 9, 7 pm. Q+A: Tue, Jun 9, 5 pm

    Dir. Dani Menkin. 2020 | 115 min | Documentary

    The story of a remarkable athlete who captured the spirit of a nation, and how he ultimately triumphed despite the odds. In the summer of 1976, Aulcie Perry was spotted by a scout for Maccabi Tel Aviv while playing basketball in Harlem, and was signed immediately. Just a year later, Perry, who took the Israeli basketball team to their first European championship, started dating supermodel Tami Ben Ami, converted to Judaism, and became one of Israel’s biggest athletes. But not all was well behind the scenes.
    Screening: Sat, Jun 13, 8:30 pmSun, Jun 14, 8:30 pm. Q+A: Sun, Jun 14, 6 pm

    Dir. Yaron Shani. Drama | 2019 | 112 min | Narrative

    After 16 years on the police force, Rashi (Eran Naim) is suspended after an incident at work. His world is thrown into disarray, and so is that of his family. An intensely realistic profile of a seemingly strong man whose questionable claim to power may lead to tragedy.
    Screening: Wed, Jun 10, 7 pm –Thu, Jun 11, 7 pm. Q+A: Thu, Jun 11, 5 pm

    Dayan: The First Family
    Dir. Anat Goren. 2020 | 4 episodes, 45 min | Documentary

    “Moshe Dayan was radioactive,” says his grandson, Sa’ar, as he tries to explain how throughout Dayan’s life and decades after his death, his family still struggles with the large shadow cast by one of the most interesting and enigmatic characters in Israel’s history. The series follows five generations of the Dayan family“The Israeli Kennedys”whose story mirrors that of Israel itself. They have played an essential part in the critical milestones in the life of the state and tell its story in an intimate, scandalous, and fascinating manner.
    Screening: Sat, Jun 7, 8:30 pmSun, Jun 14, 7 pm. Q+A: Sun, Jun 14, 4:30 pm

    Dir. Alon Gur Arye. Comedy | 2019 | 91 min | Narrative

    When an American tech billionaire is kidnapped in Jerusalem, the CIA decides to send its own agent to join the Israeli Mossad team’s rescue operation. A hilarious international espionage caper ensues as the Mossad and the CIA compete to save the world from an international terror organization, ala Airplane! and Naked Gun. Starring Tsahi Halevi (Fauda), Efrat Dor, Tal Friedman (Eretz Nehederet), Adi Himelbloy, and Dvir Benedek.
    Screening: Sun, Jun 7 (available for 48 hrs through Vimeo). Q+A: Mon, Jun 8, 5 pm

    There Are No Lions in Tel Aviv
    Dir. Duki Dror. 2020 | 63 min | Documentary 

    In 1935, Max Shorenstein left his position as Chief Rabbi of Copenhagen to fulfill a longtime dream: to build a zoo in Tel Aviv. Against all odds, the Tel Aviv Zoo became one of the city’s greatest attractions. Yet envy, greed, and corruption eventually saw Shorenstein banished from the paradise he built. A tale of a city raised from sand to become an international, cultural, and financial hub a century later, and the price that was paid for this exponential growth.
    Screening: Thu, Jun 11, 7 pm–Fri, Jun 11, 7 pm. Q+A: Fri, Jun 12, 4 pm

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