Israeli Jazz Spotlight Festival

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    August 2, 2018 – August 4, 2018
    (this event is over)
    Cornelia Street Care
    29 Cornelia St
    New York, NY, United States

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    The Israeli Jazz Spotlight Festival, curated by Nadav Remez, will take place between August 2-4, featuring some of the best NYC based Israeli Jazz acts:

    Thursday 8/2

    8:00 PM – Eitan Kenner Quartet
    Eitan Kenner – Keys, Tamir Shmerling – Bass, Diego Ramirez – Drums, Itai Kriss – Flute

    Eitan Kenner Quartet is celebrating the release of Kenner’s new album “8ball City”. The album is set to come out this summer, and the band will play compositions off of it as well as other unique arrangements.

    9:30 PM – Gaya Feldheim Schorr
    Gaya Feldheim Schorr – voice, Rachel Therrien – trumpet, Blake Opper – tenor sax, Micha Gilad – piano, Tal Yahalom – guitar, Eva Lawitts – bass, Stephen Boegehold – drums

    Born in the heart of Tel-Aviv, Brooklyn based musician and vocalist Gaya Feldheim Schorr was introduced to music at home. Her mother, a multimedia artist with an immense musical taste, brought her up to be highly receptive to diversity and acquainted with a multitude of musical genres and eras, all coming to form the musical fiber of her artistic palate. Gaya creates and performs jazz and creative contemporary music, deconstructing her wide array of musical influences to conjure up her enchanting original voice.

    Friday 8/3

    8:30 PM – Or Bareket
    Nitai Hershkovits – piano, Or Bareket – bass, Kush Abadey – drums

    Born in Jerusalem and raised in Buenos-Aires and Tel-Aviv before moving to New York in late 2011, Or Bareket has quickly established himself as one of the most sought after bassists on the NYC jazz scene, as well as a bandleader with a persuasive sense of composition.
    This performance will have Bareket showcasing a new batch of compositions with a trio featuring Nitai Hershkovits and Kush Abadey,

    10:00 PM – Nadav Remez Organ Trio
    Nadav Remez – guitar, Gary Versace – organ, Colin Stranahan – drums

    Brooklyn-based Israeli guitarist Nadav Remez’s new band reimagines the traditional organ trio. Over new compositions influences by genres ranging from indie to middle eastern music, as well as favorite old standards, the group stretches its improvisations into new territories, exploring sounds and textures that are unexpected and surprising – keeping the listeners on their toes.

    Saturday 8/4

    8:30 PM – Itai Kriss TELAVANA
    Itai Kriss- flute, Rafi Malkiel- trombone, Cesar Orozco- piano, Tamir Shmerling- bass, Marcos Lopez- percussion, Ofri Nehemia- drums

    After spending the past 15 years working at the forefront of New York City’s Jazz scene while performing, recording and touring with some of the world’s top afro-cuban, Latin and Salsa artists, flute virtuoso Itai Kriss fuses the sounds of his native Israel with those of his adopted homelands in the Americas to bring you TELAVANA. From the desert shores of Israel to the tropical beaches of Cuba, TELAVANA bridges the musical spheres of the Middle East and the Caribbean by combining Timba, Soul, North African music and Jazz to create a unique and lively mix of rhythms and textures.

    10:00 PM – Hadar Noiberg – Cesar Garabini Duet
    Hadar Noiberg – flute, alto flute, Cesar Garabini – 7 string guitar

    Flutist Hadar Noiberg and seven string guitarist Cesar Garabini come together in an exciting new duo to present original works and new arrangements of the greatest Brazilian choro and samba composers and tunes. The two of them have been playing together for years with the NY choro band, Regional de NY, and have recorded a CD with guest artists Fred Hersch and Anat Cohen. Now, the two of them join forces to bring the essence of jazz and Brazilian music together. The music of the duo is very dynamic- at times with blasting energy and groove and, at times, soft and alluring.