Israeli Stage Festival is Back in the Netherlands September-November 2021

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    Saturday, September 18, 2021


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    Israeli culture is back to LIVE in the Netherlands!
    As life gradually returns to normal, we are excited to present four unique live cultural events on stages in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, The Hague and Rotterdam. All shows are in Hebrew or English, with translation into English or Dutch. All venues are safe and secure.
    Oh, God!
    Oh, God! has been applauded by audiences in Israel and worldwide over the past 13 years.
    Here in the Netherlands we will perform an original production, with an Israeli-Dutch cast and with a surprising twist.
    Eli, a 40 years old single father and psychologist receives a mysterious phone call from a new and desperate patient, insisting on meeting him immediately. When she arrives, it turns out that she is none other than God, and in a very bad state. Clinically depressed, she wants to put an end to this whole thing called existence. Eli has one hour to change her mind and save the world.
    This comedy examines our perceptions of God and her fickle relationship with the humans she created.
    Director – Iftach Ophir, Producer – Erga Netz, Assistant director – Netta Yedid, Production assistant – Ohad Arama, Translation into Dutch – Rob van de Meeberg and Jozien Schreuder, Sets and Light designer – Rob van Putten, Costumes design – Lior Gal, Actors – Iftach Ophir, Erga Netz and a young musician

    Corinne Allal and Zan Nadir

    Since the early eighties, the name Corinne Allal has been synonymous with Israeli music of the highest quality. This composer, singer-songwriter and musical producer won the AKUM prize for her life work, crossing boundaries, and with her music creations, fighting for equality and humanism. Corinne Allal will be accompanied by the local band Zan Nadir, which since 2018 performs top-quality Israeli music on stages across the Netherlands.

    Corinne Allal – lead singerand guitar, Gilad Nezer – keyboard and vocals, Yishay Glick – bass guitar, Guy Salamon – drums, Eyal Margalit – guitar, Ohad Arama – sound and light

    Repertory Theatre

    A young timid playwright is invited by a neurotic, Hamlet-obsessed national theatre manager to discuss his debut play. When art meets production value things are never easy, but nothing could prepare this young man for the zany ride he is about to take. As the room becomes crowded with ghosts from the past, skeletons from the closet and other revived clichés, the thin border between conscious and subconscious, theatre and real-life, explodes in a ground-breaking climax.
    Directors and actors – Iftach Ophir and Erez Drigues, Music – Ran Bagano
    You Shall Tell Your Son
    A special event, hosted at JHM Amsterdam. This dramatic escape story from Poland to Palestina is also the personal family history of the actor Amichai Pardo – a story that has to be told for the next generations. Amichai Pardo tells this story, aided by screenings of the original paintings of his grandmother.
    Presenter – Amichai Pardo

    Ten Matchboxes

    An interactive, amusing one-man-show for the whole family, whereby Amichai Pardo plays the character of Janusz Korczak as depicted in one of his short stories. The audience gets to know ten of Korczak’s pupils who each receives a present from him, an empty matchbox. Each child, in accordance with his own distinctive character, does something different with his matchbox.
    What would you do with your matchbox?

    Actor – Amichai Pardo, Simultaneous translator – Netta Yedid, Artistic advisor – Ruth Kanner


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