Jaffa Theatre 20th Anniversary

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    Sunday, August 4, 2019
    (this event is over)
    Jaffa Theatre
    10 Mifrat Shlomo Promenade
    Tel Aviv Jaffa, Israel

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    Jaffa Theatre Celebrates its 20th Anniversary with “Let’s Dance” 1919-2019, a timeline of a Jaffa Dance Hall from the beginning of the 20th Century until today, historic landmarks of Palestine/Israel in the history are seen as turning points of this hall. An ensemble of actors combining dance and music hits of all times embodies the characters from the different periods and the relationships between them.

    Performances for the next 3 months of “Let’s Dance:” 21/9 & 13/11 at the Suzanne Dellal Performing Arts Center; Jaffa Theatre at 15/10 & 18/11

    Cast: Jonathan Agassi, Gaby Aldor, Kfir Amram-Livne, Murad Hassan, Racheli Pinchas, David Shamul, Rauda Sliman, Yair Vardi, Sophie Zedaka, Ofry Israeli

    Creative Team:
    Script: Sinai Peter, Gaby Aldor, Igal Ezraty
    Directors: Igal Ezraty and Gaby Aldor
    Stage Design: Uri Onn; based on the original design by Eli Sinai Costumes: Atalia Ben Menachem
    Asst. Stage Design: Renin Nofel
    Music & Performance: Ofry Israeli, based on the original music by Eldad Lidor & Rafi Toren
    Lighting: Roee Dvir
    Asst. Directors: Ali Jabarin, Gil Shenkin
    Stage Manager: Ravid Savil
    Artistic Consultant: Eli Grunfeld
    Photos: Raday Rubinstain
    Original production: Irit Neeman