Jazz Album Release: In a Big City by Igor Kogan

Jazz Album Release: In a Big City by Igor Kogan

"In a Big City" - debut jazz album by Igor Kogan, with GRAMMY Award nominee vocalist Tierney Sutton

In a Big City is a debut studio album by Igor Kogan, composed for jazz quintet, featuring all original compositions, with special guest artist 9-time GRAMMY Award nominee jazz vocalist Tierney Sutton.

The album comprises personal reflections of Kogan’s own experiences, living in different places. He was born and grew up in Russia, then moved to Israel at the age of fifteen. Later moved to the U.S. and lived several years in New York, later moving to Los Angeles. Kogan says, “all places I lived in are ‘Big Cities,’ and the main move which is most related to the music in the album is the move from Israel to the U.S., nine years ago. It is profoundly personal and is when I began my professional music career.” Each song thoughtfully reflects the journey and personal experience of this life-changing move.

Date and time

Dec 11, 2023
12:00 AM (UTC+0)

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