Judith Lungen Participates in Manchester VR Exhibition

    Event Details

    June 20, 2021 – November 27, 2021


    Event Info

    With over a thousand pieces of artwork submitted, Judith Lungen’s two digital paintings, FULL MOON OVER JORDAN ¬†and ANCIENT RUINS OF SHIVTA have been accepted into the virtual online exhibition at the Manchester 2020 VR Exhibition’s Deansgate Gallery.

    The online show is organized by BritishArtExhibitions, Tubes Magazine and Tubes Artists Gallery (UK).

    The exhibition is now open and is extended through November 2021.

    The link to Judith’s page https://manchester2020.com/artist-gallery-shop.php?ref=301

    Link to the overall exhibition including access to Deansgate Gallery: https://manchester2020.com/index.php

    Judith’s two paintings will be in the Virtual Gallery from 20th October through 20th November




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